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We are focusing on food consumption to reduce the impact of inflation and the cost of living.
In particular, we have paid special attention to the government-subsidized edible oil and bread in our city administration.

We are currently distributing more than 2 million liters of cooking oil by supplying edible oil to various suppliers, including those obtained from illegal stockpiles.
So you can go to our local shops, especially the low-income ones, to find the products in your area.
In the case of Sheger Bread, it is known that the factory has temporarily stopped production due to renewal and the current rise in wheat prices.

The city administration has subsidized 613 million birr for Sheger Bread and a total of 812 million birr for wheat supply in 198 million birr.

As the product goes on sale tomorrow, the community can get bread at our distribution centers.
However, these products are known to be deficient in achieving the minimum standards, especially for the priority population. Evidence suggests that the city administration has taken steps to address this issue, but there are indications that better-off businesses and investors are taking advantage of the product, especially as the public is being subsidized by the government.

I call on the community to play its part in pointing out, exposing, and controlling this situation.
We respectfully call on the business community of our city to take care of you for the time being and reduce your profits for the benefit of your people.

Mayor Adanech Abebe

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