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So many memees have been made so far, both in terms of oil and the cost of living; We smiled and laughed.

It is a privilege to be ridiculed and ridiculed for the cost of living. What about our duty?

Have you ever wondered if there are fathers and mothers who are crying out for such a price increase? How do I raise my children? What if there are millions of parents who are not worried about paying for school?

And how can we not come up with something out of the ordinary?

What if our local chefs, chefs, would like to share some tips on cooking oil alternatives or our use?

henok dinku and

Should we eat three meals a day? Is it not possible to build a society in which we practice the practice of cutting down on food for the health of adults, rather than sharing it so that children do not starve?

What if the economists and business experts were to study the source of the problem and consult the government and the people?

Journalists, realizing that starving people will not listen to and watch their programs, why not make this issue my business, my existence?

Why don’t the merchants realize that this is the beginning and the end of a dangerous social crisis that will lead to lawlessness and robbery, lawlessness, and that they are the ones who are paying the price in terms of property and life?

What about denominations? Aren’t the hungry hungry? Do they not teach their children by quoting from the Scriptures? Do you not rebuke? Do not recommend?

If you have any of these roles and responsibilities, my message is for you too.

I did not know that the cost of living was the cause of many suicides. No matter how much I eat, I do not make fun of the threat of destroying my country.

How many books does it take to understand that the enemy of a nation that destroys a country is the cost of living more than an invading army? No war will destroy Ethiopia. But we survived the famine for a while.

At a time when population is growing and morals are declining, racism is rampant, and hatred is one of the common denominators. When the mind is already hungry, when the heart is broken first, when the stomach is empty, it all comes to an end.

“He’s laughing when he drinks water,” said one local. But we are laughing and being taken away.

Ignorance of what we as a people should know is that we are poor. But not knowing what to laugh about makes us cry.

Laughter, jokes, and ballet fill us with joy.

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