Famous Ethiopian artists with odd behavior

Stidenys who made Pulp win 245,000 birr.

Addis Ababa University of Science and Technology female chemical engineering students win 245,000 birr in a job creation competition organized by the Ministry of Works and Skills.

The students won the competition by producing an unprecedented pulp for paper production in Ethiopia.

According to the university, it will significantly reduce the number of trees cut down to produce paper and control the negative effects of global warming.

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia to inaugurate 53-storey building over $ 303 million

The President of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Abe Sano, said in a press statement that the 53-storey building, which was built at a cost of 303 million five hundred thousand US dollars, will be jointly inaugurated by the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE).

The construction of the new building took place 14 years before the Bank took over the land.

The two floors of the building are home to a number of businesses, including shopping malls, cinemas, sports facilities, playgrounds, and the main floor, including the Bank’s offices and museums.

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia has 21 of its own buildings in Addis Ababa and one hundred and forty-one in the region.

The bank currently has 1,795 branches and 34 million customers. He heard.

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