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Oromia Bank selects building design for training and convention center

The center will be located on 15 hectares of land and the bank has received the land from Gelan City Administration.

He said the purpose of the bank is to build a center of excellence for a competent banker and a contemporary convention center.

According to the bidding, Yohannes Abay Consulting Architecture and Engineering Design won the out of the seven designs.

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia 48th floor of the new building will be open to the public

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) has announced that the 48th floor of the new building, which will be inaugurated next Sunday, will be open to the public. He said he was prepared with.

He said the 48th floor of the bank will be a destination for the beauty and tourist attraction of Addis Ababa.

Bisrat Radio has learned from the President of the Bank, Abe Sano, that the building is designed to be shaped like an African diamond and was attended by 28 well-known suppliers from eight countries.

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia will inaugurate the 53-storey building it has built at a cost of 303 million five hundred thousand dollars near Anbasader next Sunday.

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