Easy techniques to whiten dark arms and legs

This video demonstrate the techniques used to effectively whiten a darken legs as well as arms. Most people do not want when some parts of their body starts to change a color. The color change may occur due several reasons. One could be natural which comes with an age and the other could be affected by life style.

Logic error of our country’s banks!

A customer who uses an Ethiopian bank will be charged for the service when he / she arrives at the bank where he / she is depositing the money.

On the other hand, if the customer is approached at the ATM and POS MACHINE, he will be charged a fee of 100 birr to 45 cents.

This means that when a person spends 10,000 birr at the ATM, he pays or deducts about 45 birr to the bank.

Note that if the customer wants to be approached in person at the bank, consider the bank’s work and manpower. In short, think of how much the bank can reduce the workload when it is hosted on a stationary machine.

But the opposite is true. I believe that something that should be encouraged when someone uses an ATM machine should be done, perhaps for a fee.

Ethio Telecom and Ethiopian Airlines are among the institutions that have developed such a system. When you buy a mobile card, you get a 10% increase on your full use. On the other hand, if you use the online system when booking tickets from Ethiopian Airlines, there is a 10% discount.

Banks should think about this.

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