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It is said that a strategy has been devised to get creative people to get loans from the government.

Ministry of Works and Skills

According to Bezawork Ketema, Deputy Director of Policy and Strategy Studies at the Ministry of Works and Skills, the strategy will be used by the government to provide loans in the form of loans.

He said the government has not yet decided whether the guarantee will be “complete” or “partial”.

According to Bezawork, the loan will be evaluated in collaboration with various lenders and will be repaid in the long run.

He added that the loan will be given without collateral to test the credibility and ability of the borrowers. He said this is expected to alleviate some of the problems that have plagued the revolving fund in the past.

The strategy was discussed with various stakeholders and approved by the House of Peoples’ Representatives in 2015. He explained that it is expected to be implemented. (Reporter)

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