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It is expected that the day will see a significant increase in daytime temperatures in most parts of the country.

The National Meteorological Institute has released a forecast for the upcoming fall season.

The director of the institute, Fetene Teshome, said the forecast is expected to be higher than normal in most parts of the country in the coming autumn.

The western part of the country is expected to receive normal and above normal rainfall, while the northeast, central and eastern parts of the country will receive normal rainfall.

Autumn weather forecast for the south and southeast of the country will also have normal and near normal rainfall.

Source: National Institute of Meteorology

The Council of Ministers has recommended the lifting of the state of emergency

The Council of Ministers, in its second emergency meeting today, discussed and passed a resolution regarding the expiration of the state of emergency proclamation No. 5/2014, which threatens the very existence and sovereignty of the country.

The Council of Ministers declared a state of emergency on October 23, 2014, and the proclamation was presented to the House of Peoples’ Representatives by Proclamation No. 1264. / 2014 is approved and is currently in operation.

However, the Council of Ministers decided to refer the matter to the House of Peoples’ Representatives, as it was necessary to shorten the state of emergency by six months, as the circumstances under which it was necessary to declare a state of emergency had changed. ፡ Searching

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