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Rapi solid waste power plant is said to be covering about one percent of the country’s energy supply.

The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPC) has announced that it receives about one percent of Ethiopia’s annual electricity consumption from Repi solid waste power plant. Ethiopian Electric Power Communication Head, Moges Mekonnen, told Bisrat Radio that the power plant has generated half of the 93.6 GW it planned to produce annually in the past six months.

He said the power plant was built to generate 185 GW per year.

Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) said the unit will not be able to achieve its target if it is not completed by the end of this budget year.

It is said that Rapi is the first dry power plant in Africa to be completed. .

989 out of 939 daily calls for fire and emergency are fake and humorous calls

Fire and Disaster Risk Management Commission (IECC) spokesman, Beyene Jumeta, told Bisrat Radio that people who use emergency services are joking and joking. There are so many types it’s hard to say.

Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Fire and Emergency. Experts from the Commission’s Information and Communication Unit told Bisrat Radio that when the line is congested, complaints from the public that your phone is not working and that it has been intercepted are a hindrance to reaching people in need.

Deputy Commissioner of the Commission, Ashenafi Tola, told ENA that the commission plans to launch more than nine free telephone lines in addition to using technology to solve the problem.

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