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Gedo Zone announces receipt of over 10,000 cattle affected by drought in Borena.

Gedeo Zone has received more than 10,000 head of cattle affected by the Borena drought and is deploying them on existing grazing land, Zone Mukherjee Communication Head Abraham Mekuria told Bisrat Radio.

The Gedo Zone is hosting 280 households and more than 10,000 cattle in the Borena drought relief effort. In addition, special treatment is being provided to 3,000 severely affected cattle.

Gedeo Zone has donated more than 6.2 million birr worth of materials. Communication Head of the Zone, Abraham Mekuria, told Bisrat Radio that the zone has set up a fodder, medical and resource supply group to take care of the animals.

Earlier, Bisrat Radio reported that more than 180,000 cattle had died in the drought in Borena.

Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Dina Mufti

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced last week that a delegation to Saudi Arabia had been prepared and that the work was still under way and that the visa process was still pending, said Ambassador Dina Mufti.

He said the visa process was delayed due to the need for a permit from the Saudi government.

The group is made up of religious leaders and celebrities, as well as stakeholders.

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