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Ethiopia is on the run! Message from Ethiopian prime minister his Excellency Abiy Ahimed Ali.

Congratulations on your preparation for the 21st Great Run;

The Great Run is beyond our health, recreation and economic benefits. Because Ethiopia is in the big race. Behind it is poverty and backwardness, conflict and war, division and division; Ethiopia is moving forward to achieve prosperity and civilization, peace and tolerance, unity and understanding.

If a sportsman wants to win, he needs five things. Fitness, adequate preparation, armor, discipline and attendance at the time and place of the competition. Ethiopia is also running for the Medal of Prosperity on the road to addition. In order to win this race, we must make her competent in all fields.

Ethiopians need adequate physical, spiritual and mental preparation. Equipment for victory is essential for science and technology; We need national discipline to protect ourselves from many destructive factors. Because we are competing with the world, we have to compete in the right place at the right time. I entrust all of you who are participating in this great race today to think of the Ethiopia that is running as you run each season.

We do not want the Ethiopian race to end just as a winner. We also want our Ethiopia to break the record. We compete with many runners. We compete with poverty; We compete with greed; We compete with corrupt practices; We compete with poles; We compete with outside and inside destroyers; Undoubtedly, Ethiopia will win; Not only does she win, but she breaks the record so that no one can reach her.

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