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“People around the world should visit Ethiopia without being distracted by false information about Ethiopia” – Foreign Visitors

Foreigners attending the baptism have called on the international community to attend the celebrations in Ethiopia.

Various foreign visitors to Janmeda said they wish peace and love in the country on current and national issues.

Ulvin Akborg, a Norwegian citizen who attended the ceremony, said he has been attending the Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s annual baptismal service for five consecutive years.

“I have noticed that there is a very peaceful situation in Ethiopia right now and it is a lie,” he said.
Ulvin also said that the atmosphere and religious atmosphere of the Ark were so great that the Ark was escorted out of the churches and escorted by the faithful to their homes.

On the other hand, he said he was very happy to see the followers of the religion dressed in traditional attire and escorting the Ark to the baptismal font, singing and cheering, and the youth of Addis Ababa played a big role in this.

A visitor named Lisbet Guren: She is currently serving as the Director of Ethiopia at Norwegian Help Church. She says that she attends baptisms every year.

According to Lisbet Guren: “I pray that Ethiopians will preserve and cherish this value, as the process of escorting the Ark to their baptismal font, and the manner in which they spend the night there, as well as the singing of priests and deacons and other religious ceremonies, sets it apart from other world ceremonies,” she said.

On the other hand, the Ethiopian Press Agency (ENA) said it is a celebration of Ethiopia’s lucrative tourism potential.

He said the people of Ethiopia, as a brotherly people, have always wished for peace and love by upholding the values of this culture and tradition and resolving their internal differences.

Dagfin said he is fortunate to have such a celebration in Ethiopia during this time. He called for the World Heritage Day to be celebrated, not to be confused by the false information about Ethiopia in other parts of the world.

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