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In six months, more than 189,000 bags of blood were collected.

The National Blood Bank has planned to collect 198,000 bags of blood in 18 months and collected 189,000 bags of blood, according to Dr. Temesgen Abeje, Director of the Blood Donor Service Directorate of the National Blood Bank Service.

The blood collected was collected from 40 blood banks in Ethiopia and more than 6,166 blood was collected in Addis Ababa alone.

Compared to last year, there has been a significant increase in blood loss this year, and the last six months have been a bloodless month.

Bisrat Radio has previously reported a shortage of negative blood samples, but the shortage has been partially addressed, he said.

He said the number of blood donors is currently low and this could lead to anemia.

Based on a study, new lines have been introduced over the past six months

In six months, 9 taxis and 3 public transport lines have been opened.

In the future, based on research, other lines may be opened and serviced.


About taxi lines:

  • From Bole Bulbula to Bole Michael Bole Bridge intersection,
  • Combined with the new market by Wingate,
  • From the new market in Piazza Mexico,
  • From Yeka Abado Cond. / 13 / at the Kara border Adwa Bridge Mexico,
  • From Goro Square to Summit Smoothie,
  • Summit Condominium at United Square Ayat Square Abakros Square,
  • From Arabsa at CMC Junction / 22 Mexico,
    *From Tafo Square at Kara border crossing,
  • From Tafo Condo. At CMC Junction / 22 Mexico)
    Concerning mass transport routes
  • From the intersection of the new market Sululta,
  • Taf of Condo at check-in and check-out time. At CMC Junction / 22 Mexico
  • A total of 12 lines (80%) have been opened from Arabra at CMC (22 Mexico).

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