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Motorcyclists are not allowed to carry other passengers besides drivers.

Addis Ababa City Administration Transport Bureau has banned motorcyclists from loading other passengers besides drivers.

The bureau recalled that it has issued a motorcycle license and inspection directive to prevent traffic accidents and illegal activities caused by motorcycles in the capital.

Many members of the Diaspora are currently entering the country following calls for Ethiopians living abroad, Ethiopians of Ethiopian descent and Ethiopian friends to return home.

In connection with this, it is the holiday season and many of the city’s residents are moving from place to place, he said, adding that there are signs of traffic congestion and robbery in the city.

Therefore, the bureau has issued a work order to the concerned body to monitor and take action against motorcyclists for an indefinite period of time starting from December 22, 2014.

Source: Addis Ababa City Administration Transport Bureau Communication Affairs Directorate.

Three people were seriously injured in two separate accidents in the capital.

Accidents in two sub-cities of Addis Ababa caused damage to people and property, according to the Fire and Disaster Risk Management Commission.

The commission’s public relations head, Gullat Getaneh, told Ethio FM that more than one million birr worth of property was damaged in the two-day accident.

The first fire broke out in a wooden house near the Medhanialem Church in Kolfe Keranio Sub-City Woreda 2.

As a result of the accident, about 100,000 birr worth of property was destroyed and about 4 million birr worth of property was saved.

The second accident took place in Yeka Sub-City, Woreda 9, Lambert, when two vehicles collided.

One man and two women were seriously injured in the crash.

About 7 million birr worth of property has been completely destroyed due to the accident, Gullat told ENA.

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