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Yaltabese Enba Episode 69 part A

It is well known that our African brothers and sisters are the first to stand by us in times of trouble and happiness. The identities we share, the stories that connect us, the common problems that we have in common are not small. Ethiopia is their second home. When a person comes home, he is treated like a native, not a stranger. And we must open our hands and our hearts to receive them, treat them as if they had a lasting memory, and keep them in peace and joy as they come in peace.

We now have just two weeks to go. During this time we must make the necessary preparations to reach the congregation. The conference in Addis Ababa means a lot. Our commitment to peace and security in Africa
Where we reaffirm our position: To show the good of Ethiopia to our fellow Africans in practice; Moreover, it is a congregation where we benefit financially. And much is expected of all of us to make the conference a success.

The security forces, hotels, transportation providers, as well as entertainment and tourism facilities are expected to be very supportive of you. We must welcome our incoming brothers and sisters with Ethiopian courtesy, and treat them with comfort and safety. In particular, I urge the Addis Ababa City Administration and the people to pay attention to environmental sanitation and do whatever is required of them from today.

Former South African President Nelson Mandela, the great freedom fighter and forgiving father, spoke of our country as “Ethiopia has always had a special place in my imagination”, not because of any other reason, but because Ethiopia welcomed them with open arms. They are able to say this because they have embraced the love of our country. And I urge you to continue to honor the members of the Union as we honored Mandela, and to reaffirm the Ethiopian hospitality that we are proud to mention.

Ethiopia will only win if it wins in all areas. One of these is our commitment to Africa. Ethiopia’s position on the African Union will never change. She kept her promise under any circumstances
She will continue to do so. Thanks again to our fellow Africans for recognizing this position.

May Ethiopia be ashamed and honored by the efforts of her children and live forever !!
God bless Ethiopia and its people!

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