Famous artist Mesfin Bekele speaks about his relationship

If I say I live, it is either for my mother or for him Being a spiritual person bought me even more.

He was always worried. This man always knelt before God in prayer and said, “O God, why is all this trouble and sorrow only upon me? Everyone laughs and rejoices because he is not like me.

But I am worried. What an unfortunate person I am. Take my worries and give them to me. “
Once upon a time, God wanted to teach the man, so He issued a proclamation to everyone in the country.

“Let every man carry his baggage to the temple, with all his troubles and anxieties the next day.”
The next day, everyone was worried about half of their worries and problems. Half packed in three or four suitcases; Some carry it in a suitcase and carry it in a truck. The other
They came in three or four suitcases, carrying three or four men.

The anxious man who was complaining hung up his anxiety in a small suitcase;
He was shocked to see that everyone was suffering from anxiety and depression.

Oh, that rich man with all this anxiety
He just came in a truck. He came to the temple courtyard, shocked to find that the man, who was known for his joy in our neighborhood, had come in a large suitcase. Then God said, “Let all the people go to the temple.
Put it down! “They all put it down. And God said,” Go back now. “

Then God said, “Let everyone go to the door of the house of the Lord, and let him go.” Everyone struggled to pick up the simplest suitcase. The anxious man, who had always complained, “Take my worries and give it to someone else,” was in a dream, and he said, “I wish we could have had our arms and legs untied during the abduction.”

And God saw that it was good

“Thank you. Others carry their own baggage worries. I carry my own luggage. No matter what, Adam, you are carrying your worries and problems. You are having fun and you are happy.

Forgive me, O my God, for taking what is mine and giving it to the one who complains to you to this day. You carried me to the best of my ability. He said, “No more words of protest will come out of my mouth.”

True, no one is tested according to his ability; The Bible says, “No temptation has taken you except what is common to man. But God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able;

Also note this:

“No matter how hard we try, it is not because He wants to pass, but because it is the law of nature and the Lord is on the throne.

The timing is in God’s hands. The controller has the handlebars on the control machine so that the metal does not overheat as it passes through the melt. It is the hand that created us to control the flow of suffering, to keep us from learning too much.

In a taxi quote, we do not complain, for those compassionate hands are controlling our suffering.

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