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It is said that the heritage in Addis Ababa is being harmed by those who deliberately destroy it.

Selamwit Getachew, director of the Authority’s Heritage Maintenance and Preservation Directorate, told Bisrat Radio in particular that the Authority’s heritage is being destroyed, despite the fact that the Archaeological Conservation Authority Proclamation stipulates that anyone who intentionally destroys and destroys the property will be sentenced to up to 18 years in prison.

He said the city is being left in a state of disrepair as it is being damaged beyond recognition, at night and outside of working hours. According to the director, some individuals are now deliberately trying to make the heritage worthless. He said Addis Ababa is more than 100 years old.

Currently, there are activities through the Addis Ababa Tourism Bureau and they have started legal action against the perpetrators. “Even though things have been calm for months, it is a shame to be a destructive generation, and a lasting solution is needed by the government,” she told Bisrat Radio.


Federal Document Verification and Registration Agency to start lending service that was terminated.

It is to be recalled that the Agency has temporarily suspended the registration of movable and immovable property sales as well as documentation of loan agreements from July 5, 2013.

The agency’s public relations expert, Abnet Solomon, told Bisrat Radio that the loan service, which has been suspended indefinitely, will be operational from tomorrow, November 25, 2021.

The expert also told our site that although the services provided by the agency have been temporarily suspended, the institute has completed the work to update the system and provide services.

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