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More than $ 91 million worth of coffee, tea and spices were exported in October

The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority (EIBA) has planned to earn 71.74 million USD by exporting 22,444 tons of coffee and spices in October 2014, he said, earning 91.46 million USD more than the target and 127 percent of the target, according to the Authority’s Public Relations Head, Sahelariam Gebremedhin.

The performance of the plan compared to the revenue for the same period of 2013; It registered $ 44.41 million and an increase of 94.39 percent.

In the first four months of the budget year, more than 97,000 tons of coffee and spices were exported, earning 317.44 million USD and 425 million USD respectively. Compared to the same period of the previous fiscal year, there has been an increase in volume and revenue.

Germany, Saudi Arabia and Belgium ranked 1st to 3rd respectively.

The United States, Japan, South Korea, Italy, China, France, and Taiwan are next in line.

Overall, these 10 major destination countries have increased by 77 percent in terms of performance and 94 percent in revenue compared to 2013, he told Bisrat Radio.

More than 72 million birr worth of contraband items were seized.

Over 73.3 million birr worth of contraband items were seized last week.

According to the Customs Commission, over 47.4 birr worth of contraband items and 24.9 million birr worth of contraband items were seized during the last week.

The Moyale, Adama and Hawassa branch offices are in the forefront of controlling revenue smuggling, with contraband items worth over 15.4 million, 12 million and five million birr respectively.

The smuggled goods were seized through the joint efforts of Customs Commission, federal police, regional police and the community, and two suspects were found in possession of the contraband.

The seized contraband included gold, various clothing items, electronics, coffee, medicine, cosmetics, weapons, khat, drugs and money from various countries.

According to information received from the Commission, the Customs and Excise Commission alone is not doing enough to prevent the negative impact of smuggling and illicit trade on the country’s economy.

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