Selam Tesfaye a role model act

The Ministry of Agriculture and its affiliates collect farmers’ crops.

Leaders and staff of the Ministry of Agriculture and its affiliated institutions have gathered farmers in Nano Jewe Kebele, Sebeta Hawas Woreda of Oromia State.

State Minister of Agriculture and Horticulture, Dr. Meles Mekonnen on the occasion said the purpose of the program is to support the efforts being made by the Development Bank and to encourage farmers to reduce crop wastage and pay special attention to summer irrigation development.

The state minister said work is underway to harvest 374.66 million quintals of land, covering 12.9 million hectares of land this budget year.

In order to harvest 70 percent of the next crop, he said, it would be necessary to reduce the waste by using harvesting and threshing machines in areas suitable for mechanization and mobilizing farmers’ families, students and government workers elsewhere.

He also joined the #beka Movement in protest of Western pressure on Ethiopia.


The Standing Committee on Urban, Infrastructure and Transport Affairs of the House of Peoples’ Representatives discussed the 2014 plan of the Ministry of Transport and Logistics.
The FDRE Ministry of Transport and Logistics briefed the Standing Committee on the 2014 plan with the relevant institutions.
The Standing Committee on Urban, Infrastructure and Transport has announced its own focus for the current fiscal year.

The Standing Committee discussed with the Ministry the work to be done in the future and the issues to be addressed.

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