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Mastewal Wondwossen amazing birthday celebration

Famous Ethiopian actress Mastewal celebrated her birthday in a very extravagant way. It is believed to be she has spent more than two million which was covered by her sponsors.


Two warehouses constructed near the Mojo Port Railway Terminal are ready for use.

The Ethiopian Maritime Transport and Logistics Enterprise has announced that the two warehouses, built near the Mojo Port Railway Terminal, are ready to be used for the handling of freight carriers from Djibouti.

The two warehouses, built with high quality and speed with K-span construction technology, cost more than 98 million birr.

The warehouses are 1,600 square meters each and can handle 10,000 metric tons of compost at a time.

According to the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Enterprise, the construction of the warehouses will not only provide fuel for the cargo, especially for the transport of fertilizers from Djibouti, but also for temporary storage and distribution until the arrival of the farmers.

French government donates $ 1.76,687 to drought-affected communities in Borena, Oromia

It is known that the drought in Borena Zone has caused more than 70,000 deaths due to the drought.

As of last week, 70,185 cattle had died; According to Dr. Kassim Guyo, Head of Pastoral Development in the Zone, 117,462 are self-employed.

In addition to the impact on the animals, the drought is also affecting social life.

According to information obtained from the French Embassy in Addis Ababa, the French government has provided $ 76,687 million to drought-affected communities in Borena.

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