Best interview with Judi and Sweat

Judi and sweat are the guests of Maya media this round. They have discussed plenty of ideas. They talk about how they grew up and how beautiful their family life is.


Here we are giving you the best Ethiopian channels or persons who create a video and monitize it. The list is dominated by content creators like comedy, news and music.

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10. Mikoo Mikee – This channel is about prank videos that teaches and create fun among viewers. The channel is owned by a 25 years old Ethiopian student. Now a days he has got popularity and amassed more than half a million subscribers. He has admitted to get more than 200K etb each month from YouTube.

9. Teddy Afro channel – This channel is owned by famous Ethiopian singer Teddy Afro. The channel is all about Teddy Afro songs. Most of the videos are audio music with some kind of lyrics or photos or stage performance videos.

8. Minnew Shewa Entertainment – This channel is a music channel who buys or partners with musicians to upload and monitize their content and gets its share for it. There are more than thousand videos released on this channel from hundreds of artists.

7. Donkey Tube – This channel is owned by comedian Eshetu who was previously working on EBS television Yebeteseb Chewata program now run by Netsanet Workineh. This channels contents are made for kids. It is a kind of Interview with kids and a live program with their family.

6. ESAT TV channel – This is a news channel mainly focusing on Ethiopian politics.

5. Fans BC  – News and Entertainment channel owned by government.

4. Arts TV channel – News and Entertainment channel. Mainly got popularity after the start of Eregnaye series TV drama graced by famous artists such as Sayat Demissie.

3. Seifu on EBS – This is one of the famous TV shows on EBS TV and the contents are exclusively uploaded on the channel owned by Seifu Fantahun, a famous media presenter.

2. Hope Entertainment – This one is a famous YouTube channel which hosts Ethiopian music’s. The contents are made by various artists and sold to the channel. And the channel will upload the videos holding the copyright ownership.

1. Abel Birhanu – This is a relatively young channel which started late 2018. But the channel already passed a one million subscribers mark. The channel is owned by journalist Abel Birhanu also known as Yeweynua Lij. The channel focuses on hot news about Ethiopia. It updates the viewers regularly. Lately it has got more popularity as other competent channels such as zehabesha and zena tube are closed due various reasons.

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