Artist Hewan speaks about her love choice

Famous artist Hewan says she is not impressed when girls are compared and one wins as a beautiful while others are sidelined. Naturally everyone is beautiful and we should recognize it, she added.


For the first time in Ethiopia, camel milk yogurt can be made

Haremaya University has announced that it has made camel milk yogurt for the first time in Ethiopia.

Gemechu Tafa, a researcher and lecturer at the University’s College of Agriculture and Science, told Bisrat Radio that the university has been able to produce unique camel milk yogurt, iben and pasteurized camel milk in collaboration with Copenhagen University.

Gemechu said the university is engaged in teaching, learning, research and community-based activities. He said camel milk should be used by the community. Adane Shegaw, a lecturer and researcher at Haremaya University, told Bisrat Radio that the research took 5 years.

In addition to Ethiopia, participants and visitors from Germany, Hungary, Jordan, the Netherlands, Scotland and Sudan were also present at the trade fair.

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