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Yoga is important for healthy life – Lula Gezu

Lula Gezu suggests it is a good practice to try Yoga and drink water on an empty stomach. She says she has benefited abundantly from it.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach.

1. Drinking water on an empty stomach cleanses the intestines and helps the body absorb various nutrients.

2. It produces new blood and muscle cells.

3. It is very important for weight loss. When you wake up in the morning, drinking cold water speeds up your metabolism.

4. It gives us beautiful and healthy skin when you look at it. Water removes toxins from the blood and keeps our skin clean, smooth, and radiant.

5. It keeps our Lymph System balanced. These tumors help us to carry out our daily activities properly, to keep our body hydrated and to fight infections.


“We will form a strong government in the Somali region,” he said

Speaking on the occasion, Mustafa, who was elected as the head of the Somali Regional State by the council, said previous regional leaders were not independent.

He said regional governments formed in the past were run by generals from the Harar-based TPLF terrorist group.

He recalled that after the change, the government led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had worked hard to change that.

As a result, the Somali community has not only been able to govern itself, but has been able to establish a self-governing organization that has changed its name to ‘Agar’ with the protection of the federal government’s representation, Mustafa said.

He said the newly elected party won the 6th national election in the region after a difficult period.

He told the House that his main task now was to establish a 100% strong government.

In particular, he pledged to ensure that the executive bodies we appoint will be able to benefit the pastoralist community and benefit the pastoralist community by ensuring women’s quota and benefits.

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