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In a letter, Kaff stated that the ban was imposed on the Bahir Dar National Stadium for failing to meet the requirements set out below.

  1. Failure to match the field and the resources required for the game; In particular, the lawn is not up to standard, there is no lighting for nightclubs, there is no professional field management company to monitor the lawn, the quality of the lawn is not up to standard (the lawn needs to be completely replaced by standard lawn), substitute seats are not up for grabs. That is.
  2. Accommodation of teams and game leaders
    Dressing room does not meet standard The dressing rooms need standard seats. The number of bathrooms in the dressing room should be the standard number; He asserted that the rooms in the dressing room should be artificial and that the living quarters should be standard.
  3. Medical Unit
    The treatment room should be equipped with materials. For example, automatic ventilator, simple surgical instruments, cardiac monitor, lack of standard doping control unit, etc.
  4. Spectators regarding facilities
    Lack of spectator seats, lack of cafeteria facilities for spectators at the stadium, lack of stadium fire and safety certification certificates;
  5. VIP and hospitality area
    Lack of fixed chairs for the guests of honor, lack of WiFi, TV and sound system for guests of honor; The presence of guests of honor is not different from the mirror, there is no lounge for the guests of honor, the VIP and media lobby are together, there is no clear parking for VIP
  6. Regarding the media
    Lack of standard media center at the stadium, lack of internet connection, goal-setting and seating behind photographers, lack of standard press room
  7. Practice fields
    Exercise pitches are not up to standard, there are no lights that can be used for night practice, there are no changing players’ seats and dressing rooms, there are no showers and toilets, etc.

The above points led to the suspension of the Bahir Dar National Stadium.

In addition to Bahir Dar Stadium during his brief visit to Ethiopia, Mohammed Sidat also visited Abebe Bikila Stadium and Jimma University Stadium.

During his visit, Jimma University Stadium said that there are many things that need to be done in accordance with the requirements, adding that if the stadium meets the shortcomings of the future, it will send a team of reviewers in the future.

On the other hand, Abebe Bikila Stadium will be able to host age-old competitions and women’s national team games on a temporary basis. They said they would send the confirmation letter within a few days. Regarding the Hawassa University Stadium, Mohammed Sidat, who had previously been evaluated by the EFF Club Lisansig, said that the stadium was not up to standard, that the runway near the field should be covered with tarpaulins or that it should be completely covered with grass.

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