Selamawit Yohannes amazing stage performance

Selamawit Yohannes has performed extraordinarily in her recent stage show. She is among best young talents across the country.

Patriotic theater construction delayed due to delays

Bisrat Radio reported that the roof and walls of the Patriotic Theater were completed three months ago. The theater’s general manager, Abdulkarim Jamal, told Bisrat Radio in particular.

He attributed this to the fact that the curtain and lighting fixtures that are currently being modernized for the theater are imported and are lacking in cement and various construction materials.

According to Abdulkerim, the construction of the theater has been facing many problems due to the shortage of cement.

He also said that there are plans to open the theater a month after the remaining finishes are completed.

Abdulkarim also told Bisrat Radio that there are plans to launch new works, including the one that has been popular in the past but not the ones that have been seen in the pdelays.Products of poor quality to the country Prohibited from entering.

Ministry of Trade and Regional Relations announces ban on importing products that do not meet Ethiopian standards.

During the first three months of the budget year, laboratory inspections and inspections were carried out on substandard imported products, according to the Ministry of Trade and Regional Coordination.

Activated products include 3.5 metric tons of LEDs, 25.8 metric tons of electricity distribution, 3,000
688 cartons (368,800 fruit) energy-saving bulb, nine cartons of canned milk, 55.3 metric tons of peas, 10
4 metric tons of rice and 693.8 tons of onions.

The ministry said it has planned to inspect 600,000 metric tons of imported products in the first quarter of the 2014 Ethiopian budget year.

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