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It is stated that it will continue to create adequate job opportunities based on new job opportunities in the past.

       Over the past several years, a lot of work has been done in the field of education and training in our country, especially since 1987, when the TVET policy and strategy has been implemented.

Although there is some gap, some of the best work has been done, given the need for a new policy and strategy that can be adapted to the current situation of the world and the development of our country, as well as to identify gaps in the past policy and strategy to provide better digital and technology related training. A new TVET policy and strategy has been designed to provide services.

       Based on this, an awareness raising forum on the nature, objectives, ideas and missions of the new policy and strategy has been prepared for senior government officials in Dire Dawa.

        Speaking on the occasion, Dire Dawa Mayor Kedir Juhar said the senior management should focus on understanding the policy and strategy in depth, how to support the institution, how to respond to the demands of the community by producing a competent citizen and how to accelerate the technology transfer. He spoke on the day from Dr. Juhar.

       Dire Dawa Technical Vocational and Enterprise Development Bureau Head, Robel Getachew, said the technical and vocational training policy and strategy will not be implemented by one body but will require multi-stakeholder coordination. According to Robel, there will be more job opportunities in the future based on new job opportunities.

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