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Work is underway to implement the Smart Meter implementation project.

The Ethiopian Electric Service is designing a smart meter implementation project to improve service delivery and increase customer satisfaction.

The smart meter infrastructure development project being implemented by the institute is divided into two phases and 5,000 smart meters will be installed on a trial basis in the first phase of the project.

Smart Meter Infrastructure Development The project includes design, supply, installation and commissioning work.

Out of the 50,000 counters set up by the institute to be installed nationwide, 45,000 counters will be implemented after the first phase of the project, which is 5,000 smart meters, will be implemented.
Since the smart meter project will be implemented on high energy consumers, it will be very important to reduce energy loss and increase the revenue of the facility as well as increase customer satisfaction.

The total cost of the smart meter project is 12 million 546 thousand 54 US dollars and 9 million 640 thousand 450 birr.

The total expansion of the smart meter infrastructure will be able to accommodate 2 million smart meters.
The project is being implemented by a foreign company called Nuri Telecom

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