Selam Tesfaye birthday celebration and Saron love song

Famous actress Selam Tesfaye has celebrated her birthday with her son and husband at home. This years celebration is less congested with attendees compared to previous occasions as she is a public figure and posses a lot of fans.

IT technician develops construction monitoring software.

Addis Ababa: October 24, 2021 Jimma City IT expert Tamrat Tanga has developed software to monitor and monitor construction activities.

The software is a computer program called ‘Automated Construction Management Information System’.

The inventor, Tamrat Tanga, told ENA: The software indicates the progress of the construction process and the payment status.

When did the software build, how many times did it happen, what is its status and payment status? He said that it is possible to analyze such information and provide complete construction information.

According to the software designer: It helps to identify delays in construction projects and to ask if construction rates and payment conditions are inconsistent.

He said the software is available in Amharic, Afan Oromo and English and will be used by construction companies through the web link.

“The software provides a complete online report on the construction sub-contract status, job opportunities, problems encountered,” he said.

Jimma Zone Construction Authority Director, Nasser Musa, on his part said the software will compile and analyze the required information on a regular basis.

Express confidence that it will alleviate the problems in the sector; He said the software will be able to easily monitor any construction work in the proposed area without wasting time and effort.

He also said that it helps to establish uniformity by identifying and exposing various construction licenses issued by organizations, associations and individuals.

The Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office (EIPO) has issued a patent for the software.

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