Actress Saron Ayelegn asking for forgiveness

The 4th Agrofoods and Plantentintpack Ethiopia International Expo ends today.

The 4th Agrofud and Plastrinintpack Ethiopia International Expo, which officially opened at the Scalite Hotel on October 10, 2014, will conclude today.

The International Expo, which is open to the public, will conclude this evening with a wide range of agricultural, food and beverage processing technologies, inputs, plastic printing and packaging technologies and solutions tailored to Ethiopia’s market needs.

More than 2,000 visitors from 11 countries, including Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Kuwait, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, Turkey and the United States, participated in the expo.

Years ago I wrote an article in Fitih newspaper: About being and being. It is not as easy as it sounds. Being a person requires earnestness and commitment. When you are an advocate and advocate for human rights, you shout wherever rights are violated. You struggle. Whatever the outcome, you will not be disappointed. But if your goal is to be an advocate for human rights, then you have to choose where you want to fight. You struggle if the results are worthwhile.

Earlier, two police officers beat a poor woman in broad daylight, and the Minister of Police and Peace issued a statement within hours. The people were tracked; Arrested: Arrested. Like football, we watched it live. “We say the police and the Ministry of Peace have started working for the rights of citizens.”

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