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We heard that more than 7,000 children are waiting in line for heart surgery.

We heard from more than 7,000 children waiting in line for heart surgery in Ethiopia.

Ethio FM has learned that up to 500 children are undergoing heart surgery every year and the number of children in need of surgery is increasing every day, according to Ethio FM.

However, he said that this was not enough for the queue.

He said children waiting in line at the center are not receiving treatment due to a lack of supplies and the lack of medicine is hampering its work.

He said that if enough supplies and medicines were available, up to 1,500 surgeries could be performed each year.

“Sometimes we are told that he died in a queue at the center for surgery. This is heartbreaking,” Ali said.

He urged all Ethiopians to play their part in rescuing the children who are waiting in line.

Anyone who needs help can donate from 6710 to 100 birr.

International studies indicate that heart disease is currently the leading cause of death in the world, Hrui told Ethio FM.

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