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The Addis Ababa City Administration Council is currently discussing the draft proclamation with 101 articles prepared to reorganize the city administration.

According to the draft proclamation, the total number of executive members from the previous council is 61, while the new council has 46 members, 24 cabinet members, and new cabinet members, according to Fana.

Accordingly, it is known that the institutions organized at the cabinet level will be listed in the draft proclamation to be reorganized by the executive bodies of the Addis Ababa City Administration. :

1. Mayor
2. Deputy Mayor
3. City Manager
4. Bureau of Labor, Enterprise and Industry Development
5. Bureau of Public Service and Human Resource Development
6. Finance Bureau
7. Office of Peacekeeping Administration
8. Office of Justice
9. Bureau of Land Development and Administration
10. Transport Bureau
11. Office of Design and Construction
12. Bureau of Housing Development and Administration
13. Bureau of Training and Technology Development
14. Commercial Office
15. Health Bureau
16. Office of Education
17. Office of Women and Social Affairs
18. Bureau of Culture, Arts and Tourism
19. Office of Revenue
20. Office of Youth and Sports
21. Office of Communications
22. Urban Beauty and Green Development Bureau
23. Planning and Development Commission
24. Investment Commission
25. It shall have other cabinet members appointed by the mayor as necessary.

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