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Yared Negu and Milen Hailu engagement

Yared Negu insta post for Milen hailu

Yared Negu shared the news of his engagement with Milen on his Instagram hours before this post and it reads as follows:

Addis Ababa remains a heritage site and today demolished Ras Hailu Teklehaimanot’s residence

Ras Hailu Teklehaimanot’s house in Arada Sub-City, Woreda 2 of Addis Ababa City Administration was demolished today, according to the city’s Culture, Tourism and Arts Bureau Head.

Deputy Head of the Bureau, Sertse Fre Sebhat, confirmed to our website that the Federal Housing Corporation is demolishing the Ras Hailu house, which is located in the area called Sebara Babur, not far from the seat of the city administration.

The deputy head of the bureau told us that they are saddened that Addis Ababa is being built on the one hand and on the other hand it is destroying ancient heritage.

The Housing Corporation demolished Buffet Delagar, a former Addis Ababa historical monument.

In addition, reports indicate that efforts are underway to dismantle the Addis Ababa University Business School, which has produced a large number of businesses.

Addis Ababa City Administration Nifas Silk Lafto Sub-City announced that it has cleared more than 200 maps.

Sub-City Land Development Management Head, Mengistu, said the wind farm has been able to secure the land maps of individuals who have illegally obtained land titles in the past nine months alone.

During his stay with Ethio FM, he said the sub-city has a lot of illegally acquired and simulated land maps and a lot of work is being done.

Nifas Silk Lafto Sub-City is a sub-city named after the illegal land grab, he said. He said the new administration is focusing on preventing lawlessness.

He said that although the new structure has been in power for nine months, 200 illegal land maps have been cleared so far.

He said half of the illegal land tenure maps were made by the bureau without the approval of the bureau.

During our stay with our site, we confirmed that the land maps were illegal.

He also said that the individuals who came in search of forged mapping services will be prosecuted.

He noted that a significant number of individuals have maps but that it is important to know who owns what maps.

Officials in the government structure acknowledged that they were involved in facilitating such illegal activities, but said they were working to rectify the situation after the new administration arrived.

“Although we have been able to identify individuals who have illegally obtained land titles in the last nine months, we are working with the community to fix them,” he said.

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