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Ethiopian singer Bethelem Mekonnen ‘atfragn’ health status

The rise in salt prices is due to the fact that Afdera has not been able to produce salt for a month.

The president of the Ethiopian Consumers’ Association, Tesfa, told ENA that the lack of raw salt in Afdera in Afar State for more than a month has increased the price of one kilogram of salt by more than 50 percent.

Tesfa, president of the Ethiopian Consumers’ Association, Asrat Begashaw, told Ethio-Trade and Investment Forum that local importers have been asked to increase their price from 10 birr to 20 birr per quintal.

There are two factories that produce iodized raw salt in the Afar region and have 15 warehouses across the country. According to Asrat, the factories have not reported any problems to the Ministry of Trade and Industry for the past one month.

He said that when the produce in the warehouses ran out, no further supply could be provided, and in the past few days, the trader had been selling the salt at a higher price.

According to Asrat, truckers and unloaders have agreed to pay 15 birr per quintal.

It is known that 100 trucks loaded with extra salt were on the road. According to Asrat, there is no increase in the price of the factories, but there is an increase of no more than 2 birr per kilo until the production is well distributed.

Parking signs and toll rates are being set up in Addis Ababa.

Traffic Management Agency announced that parking signs and toll rates are being installed in Addis Ababa.

Parking sites and toll booths are being set up in Kolfe Keranio and Lideta sub-cities, the agency said.

The signs are set up by parking associations that have a contract with the agency and indicate the location of the service and the fee charged for the parking service.

According to information obtained from the Traffic Management Agency, associations that have organized a parking service in different areas and entered into a contract with the agency must ensure that drivers receive a receipt with the agency’s name and logo.

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