Bety G Semay New Amazing Ethiopian Music 2021

Betty Gebre – has performed on the world stage when Abiy Ahmed became peace Nobel laureate.

“Not only the green fingerprints but also the blood fingerprints are needed now,” said the Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Group

The TPLF terrorist group has denied any wrongdoing in the past, saying it will not negotiate with the group.

Public diplomacy is giving a press conference on current national issues, saying that not only green fingerprints but also fingerprints are needed now.

“There will be no negotiations with the TPLF terrorist group, but every Ethiopian will have to put his fingerprints like a green fingerprint until he goes to hell,” he said.

It is also unacceptable that foreign powers try to reconcile the government and the terrorist group.

He also said that the public diplomacy team will work to strengthen relations with neighboring countries.

The Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Group said it plans to hold talks with Sudan to ease tensions with Sudan.

Shell has agreed to pay Nigeria 90 million in compensation.

In the 1970’s, oil pipelines in northern Nigeria; Shell, which has been accused of causing environmental damage, has agreed to pay 90 million.

The 13-year-old trial in The Hague has been marred by compensation from the company’s Nigerian branch, which has been fighting for more than 13 years for compensation in the affected areas, CGTN reported.

Residents say the company has been exposed to environmental pollution; Despite demanding 45.9 billion naira or 94.9 million euros; The company agreed to pay 90 million euros.

The local community also confirmed their agreement.

The company was involved in a civil war in Nigeria at the time; It is disputed that a third party was injured in the blasts.

However, the spilled oil is mixed with rivers and crops. It caused damage, residents said.

It also pollutes the environment; They also noted the occurrence of events that claimed lives.

As a result, the Hague Tribunal ruled in January that the company should pay compensation to farmers and residents affected by the disaster.

The money is expected to be used for residents’ settlement and natural resource conservation.

Jibril Mohammed
August 06, 2013

Written by Editor


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