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Ethiopian Airlines will launch a digital system to develop innovative solutions for the aviation industry starting next August.

The airline made the announcement at a forum on digital entrepreneurship and innovation called “Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation”.

Ethiopian Airlines Business Development and Innovation Hub founder and director, Abiy Asrat, said the company will launch a digital system in August, which will enable the partners to develop innovative solutions for the aviation industry.

He said a system will be set up for partners to develop, develop and implement their innovations and to provide financial support to the airline.

Ethiopian is launching a digital “My Idea” digital system to receive innovative and innovative ideas from its customers.

State Minister for Innovation and Technology, Ahmedin Mohammed, said the initiative launched by Ethiopian Airlines to create a conducive environment for technology entrepreneurs should be followed by other private institutions and public enterprises.

According to information obtained from the Ministry of Innovation and Technology’s social media page, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology is ready to work with and support institutions that provide work space and funding for creative development activities.

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