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The Ethiopian Young Men’s Christian Association has demanded that the government return the looted office.

The Ethiopian Youth Men’s Christian Association, abbreviated as WWW, has demanded that the government return the building used by the Addis Ababa Sports Commission at 4 Kilo.

According to the association’s board chairperson, Ethiopia Tilahun, the association has been robbed by the Derg government for many years.

The association called on the Addis Ababa City Administration Sports Commission to halt the construction of the building, which is currently under construction.

Earlier, former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi promised to return the building, but no response has been received since the death of the prime minister.

In the years since the death of the Prime Minister, questions have been asked to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, former Addis Ababa City Administration Deputy Mayor, Eng.

To make matters worse, he said he is saddened by the fact that excavations are currently underway to build a building for the Addis Ababa Sports Commission.

He called on the government to halt construction and return the building to us.

The Ethiopian Young Men’s Christian Association was established in 1942 during the reign of Haile Selassie I.

It is an association that works extensively on social, health, education, economics, sports, volunteerism, life skills and leadership skills.

It currently has more than 30,000 members and more than 80,000 citizens benefit from the project every year.

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