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The underestimation of the values of traditional mediation and conflict resolution has played a major role in Ethiopia’s current crisis. Patriarchs and elders.

The conference, organized by the World Peace and Reconciliation Organization, was attended by religious leaders, elders, celebrities and invited guests on how to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Cardinal Berhane Yesus Serafel, who is also an advisor to the organization, said Ethiopia is an ancient religion and a cultural heritage.

He said Ethiopia has so far been at peace not only because of the conflict but also because Ethiopians have been able to resolve their conflicts through traditional and religious means.

“Therefore, we can discuss and resolve our differences with Ethiopians based on our religion and culture, and we should respect and use these values,” he said.

In his message, Sheikh Mohammed Nur Awel said that when Ethiopia first embraced Islam in the land of Abyssinia, the ancient Ethiopians understood that they were human beings, not their religion according to their beautiful hospitality, and welcomed guests from the Prophet Muhammad.

Therefore, if we use and protect them, they say, our religions and cultural values are more than enough to bring peace and love to our country.

Abba Geda Kala Gezahagn W / Dawit, for his part, said peace will not be achieved without forgiveness and revenge.

Our country has not only established, but also used wonderful traditional methods to resolve conflicts, and they have lived in peace so far. He said the solution is still to solve it using only our religious and cultural system.

However, he called on all parties to work for peace and stability in the Horn of Africa.

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