Live – Meskel Celebration from Meskel Square Addis Ababa

The Wolayita Nation has many tangible and intangible heritages that are distinctly different from the other nations and nationalities of our country and the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region.

Gifata is a national New Year’s celebration of the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year, a symbol of the nation’s identity.

Gifata means Bira (great), which means first, and Gifata means crossing. This refers to the transition from old to new, from dark to light. The Wolayita Nation has its own calendar, and Gifata is the first month of the year in the Wolayita Calendar.

The elephants spend eleven months in work and spend the last one month on the festival. They spend 15 days in preparation for the festival and 15 days in entertainment and play.

They celebrate the New Year on Sunday, September 14-20. Every year between September 14-20 is New Year’s Day. His name is Shuha Wega (Slaughter Sunday).

Forgiveness: It is a celebration of love and peace!

Gofa ‘Gaze Masqala’ and Oida ‘Yo Maskala’ Festival!

The Meskel festival is celebrated by the two ethnic groups in the Gofa zone. It is celebrated with a variety of cultural events.

It is a great cultural celebration of the New Year for the local community.

This festival is celebrated once a year.

From small to large, At the Feast of the Cross, whether rich or poor, in all societies. It is a special occasion.

Because of the great celebration of the Feast of the Cross in both Gofa and Oida, preparations are being made until the end of the year.

Clothing for children: Saving all year round for food and drink, especially for crucifixion; In addition to the event, For the Feast of the Cross; Everyone will do it without hesitation.

The Feast of the Cross, in particular, is a priority for the Gofa and Oida ethnic groups; Family reunion for those who have been separated; For those who are away from the area for various reasons, they meet on the day of the firefight and fulfill their longing; Reconciliation: He who is in sorrow forgets his sorrow; Where to connect: The fact that it is the best time to select a mate makes it a national holiday.

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