Fegegta react with amazing couples

My fiancé and I are from the same neighborhood. We lived in a neighborhood together. We went to school together and returned. She was older and more educated.

My brother encouraged me to have a romantic relationship with her. They talked to my father about it. As soon as I finished my primary schooling, my father and her family called my son my daughter. We fell in love with each other.

By the time I was ninth, our friendship turned into a fiancé. Being together, having fun, our love life is full of joy. She is a beautiful woman. She did not pass the 12th grade exit exam, so she went to private school and finished school. I was ill for almost a year before I finished high school. I dropped out of school and had no morale. But with her support, I was able to return to university.

After I entered the university, my story took on a new dimension. I met another woman at the university. Unexpectedly, we fell in love. When I go home in the winter, with my ex-boyfriend, When I returned home, I was often with her newcomer. I lost peace. I was confused and confused about what to do.

My fiancé at home sends me money every month. She told me that I did not agree with the cafeteria, so she sent me extra money. She is the one who made me go to university. In the middle, my university fiancée became pregnant. We decided to give birth. I rented a house with money from my fiancé and made a living. We had a baby. We continued to live together.

I told my aunt about it. She spoke to my father, my mother, my brothers and sisters. My father said to me, “Your son has perished, you have perished.” My fiancé called me and said, “Your daughter is my daughter.” What worries me the most? The mother of my child does not know that I am engaged. Believe me, she dropped out of school and is raising a child. My fiancé is telling me that I will forgive the past as a mistake.

I’m sad to be with my fiancé. When I was with my daughter’s mother, my family looked down on me. Now I was living on my own, so I decided to talk to myself. What should I do?
What would you do?

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