Artist Tesfu Birhane on Seifu show

Artist Tesfu is one of the leading actors of famous Ethiopian movie titled as “Kezkaza Welafen”. This character stands out among dozens of works Tesfu took part in.

Preparations are underway to celebrate the New Year 2014 with various programs under the theme “Addis Ababa is a reflection of Ethiopia’s victory”.

Addis Ababa City Administration Communication Office Head, Abdi Tsegaye on the occasion said the city will be celebrated on September 5 with national and city-wide programs.

During the five days of September, events will be organized to highlight Ethiopianness, help the needy, strengthen solidarity and unity, and build and promote the country and our city, he said.

Accordingly, September 1 has been designated as Ethiopian Day, Pagumen 2 as Servant Day, Pugmen 3 as Good Day, Pagumen 4 as Heroic Day and Pugmen 5 as Victory Day.

The winners of the International Drawing Competition held in Chunchu, South Korea, on behalf of Addis Ababa, received their prizes.

Addis Ababa, South Korea
Kim Heon Do, Deputy Chief of Mission of the South Korean Embassy in Addis Ababa, presented the award to the winners.

Kim Hun Du, Deputy Chief of Mission of the South Korean Embassy in Addis Ababa, said the two countries have a long-standing friendship between Ethiopia and South Korea.

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