Artist Rahel Getu speaks about her daughter and live life

During the reign of our capital, there were floors such as Banco Diroma, the Victory Building and the front post of ETV (Kidane Beyene Building), complete with prefab concrete and clad. In fact, when such buildings need to be repaired, it is sufficient to first clean the premises chemically and then to apply a non-reflective water-based varnish (Matt Varnish).

Although our country is currently in the midst of many tensions, I think our situation should not stop us from pointing out the mistakes that are being made in the face of the current fever.

So, my friend, the artist, you bought me a new one on ETV.

The floor next to the main post office, which has been adorned with centuries-old prefab concrete, is now being painted white and blue. This means that the mother of the piazza is considered to have painted the beautiful stone in the building. Sadly, we have repeatedly written that existing buildings should be assisted by archaeologists.

It is now being painted on a material that is not even needed. We believe that what we have written and what we are saying should stop this ignorant work immediately. Thanks a lot to any new artist.

The crime against Kidane Beyene building at the moment is exactly the same as what happened to Menelik’s statue four or five years ago. Menelik’s statue was gleaming at the time, but I don’t think most people are aware of the crime.

The bronze statue, the public figure, has never been painted in any country. Because it is a professional stigma. But it does have an existing system that goes beyond the chemical process and gives it its own color.

Even now, there are not many warnings to be heard.

Since the erection of Menelik’s statue, the Italians have once destroyed it with hostility, but we have been ruined three times by ignorance. Before the last crash four years ago, please don’t humiliate the country. This is the only way to do it. He was sentenced to life in prison for trying to seduce a minor. . I don’t think most of us know that Arada Giorgis committed a crime.

I fear that Christ will not return until it is revealed that the details of perfection after building a house or a monument are the essence of life for the tyrants and devotees of our country.

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