Famous tiktoker Meski Menge speaks about her struggles

They saw the gold and offered a discount on their groceries.

The WW Oil Company, which was recently established in our country and has created employment opportunities for many unemployed youth
He began to distribute oil to our people on New Year’s Day, stabilizing the price of oil outside the world market.

Accordingly, recognizing the plight of our society since September 10, 2013, we have announced that we have started to sell 5 liters of oil to Debre Markos and the entire Ethiopian people at a price of 90 birr per liter. We feel happy.

We believe that the main purpose of W A is to meet the needs of the Ethiopian people and that the Ethiopian people are working together to solve the oil problem.

Congratulations, we have been able to stabilize the country’s oil prices with great discounts.

Recognizing the needs of the community, W A. A, while distributing and selling the oil at affordable prices to other members of the public, said: .

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