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The construction of the Shola Market parking building is underway

The building has two underground floors and five floors above ground, and one underground floor is currently being completed.

Each floor has an average capacity of 142 different sized vehicles, with a total capacity of 1,000 vehicles at a time.

Once completed, the project will significantly reduce traffic congestion in the area and improve traffic flow.

The infrastructure will be equipped with state-of-the-art safety controls and vehicle service equipment.

It is said that the project will be a model project for our city in terms of the technology used, the land use method and the size of the vehicles it will accommodate.

As the area is the city’s second-largest shopping mall, the project will eliminate the need for off-road parking services to accommodate traffic flows at full width.

During the construction of the project, it will create temporary jobs for at least 120 people, and when the project is completed, it will create permanent jobs for at least 80 people.

According to information received from the Transport Bureau, the project cost 530 million birr.

The Dire Dawa Government Communication Affairs Bureau has provided educational materials to needy students and people with disabilities gathered by the revenue and health team of the bureau.

Head of the Government Communication Affairs Bureau, Eskias Tafesse, on the occasion said that 20,000 birr worth of educational materials have been provided to needy and disabled students due to the Good and Solidarity Day. With the help of: He said all citizens of our country are expected to fulfill their responsibilities as we realize the path of prosperity of our country by being sincere and helping people and strengthening our unity.

He noted that the PwDs had received the same support last year and thanked them for their support.

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