Famous actress Selam Tesfaye made her feeling clear

Awash Bank is showing steady growth year after year.

Awash Bank is a five-day, five-day donation to Awash Bank.

These people are hardworking people who work day and night to improve their livelihoods in small businesses.

Therefore, Awash Bank has donated to help and encourage our people to make the future brighter

The recipients are small business owners who sell coffee, chewing gum, car wash, and newspaper vendors.

In September, there is a high cost of spending, and it is important to encourage children not to be harmed by the low income of the school and the holiday season.

Abisha Derbe, Marketing Manager and Public Relations of Awash Bank, presented the donation.

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A monitor will be installed to control the city buses from the center

Anbessa announced that it has finalized arrangements to install a city bus monitoring system.

Melaku Kasaye, head of mass transport and supervision at the company, said the tracking will help to adjust the speed of the bus so that the buses are in line and do not stop for long periods of time.

He also said that from now on, the tariff will be adjusted from 8 birr to 5 birr depending on the distance.

He said the service has been providing the service since the 16th of August.

He said preparations are underway to deploy buses that have been damaged due to various reasons.

He said the enterprise is providing mass transport services in 125 regular and 10 special routes in and around Addis Ababa.

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