‘The love I received is overwhelming’ – Dirbwork Seifu (Emama Chernet)

Statement from Addis Ababa City Education Bureau regarding the increase in fees for private educational institutions.

Private education institutions in the Addis Ababa City Administration have a significant role to play in ensuring access to education and creating employment opportunities for the city’s residents. We also acknowledge the work that has been done to ensure that the teaching and learning process is carried out and that students are successful in complying with the protocol set out during the pandemic outbreak.

He also wiped away the tears of many by sharing a meal, renovating the homes of the weak, and participating in good works. On the other hand, they have also shown their support for the government’s law enforcement efforts by providing financial support to the Defense Forces. This is a testament to the value of our Ethiopian support.

However, for the 2014 academic year, hundreds of schools have exaggerated prices due to non-compliance with the Addis Ababa City Administration’s Education and Training Quality, Vocational Assessment and Certification Authority.

As a result of the office and parent response and the corrective action taken, the 41 educational institutions were lifted and serviced.

The Addis Ababa City Administration Education Bureau calls on all education stakeholders to play their part in fostering the values of Ethiopian decency and solidarity.

We urge private schools to work with their clients to ensure that we support each other and not to put pressure on each other.

Addis Ababa City Education Bureau.

August 31, 2021

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