Artist Melat Kelemework ‘Fikrye weye weye’ funny time with Seifu

Abdukiar and Melat released a music video which went to be popular among the fans. She is relatively unknown up until the release of the music.

The transport sector is holding its 2013 fiscal year executive conference.
It was held in Arbaminch town in the presence of the leadership and members of the Standing Committee on Urban Development, Construction and Transport of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, as well as senior officials of the federal and regional transport sectors.

The conference started with a green fingerprint on all the participants.

Opening the forum, Minister of Foreign Affairs, W / ro Dagmawit Moges on the occasion said the success of the 10-year development plan by approving various policies and strategies has been achieved despite various challenges.

He said it was a budget year in which the logistics level was improved, the port duration was reduced, the supply of fertilizer and cement for the Renaissance Dam, the distribution of election materials and other national missions was reduced without more than 2 billion birr.

The forum will be held for two days and the regions will submit their reports and discussions will take place.

The 11th Cyclists and Pedestrians Day was colorfully celebrated in Addis Ababa.

The 11th Cyclists and Pedestrians Day was held in Addis Ababa today.

The Bureau of Transport, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, celebrated the 11th Cyclists and Pedestrians Day on Churchill Avenue from Piazza to Lehar.

Engineer Kejela Mekonnen, Director of Road Traffic Safety at the Bureau of Transport, said the four-week cycling and pedestrian day will be introduced in the city.


Cyclists, gymnasts and locals took part in the program. Participants also called for the continuation of cycling and pedestrian day programs to prevent traffic accidents and non-communicable diseases.

Today it is celebrated in the capital with various events from Lebu Mebrat Hail to Jemo 1, Bethel Michael to Anfo Selassie, Ayat Square to Noah Real Estate, Pastor to Medhanialem and Six Kilo to France.

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