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This woman met her daughter and it is a touching story

This woman met with her daughter after she gave her for adoption while she was a baby. Now they met after along time and it was a really touching story.

Dire Dawa administration announced that it is ready to work in collaboration with the Dire Dawa branch office of the Transport Authority to solve the traffic accident problem permanently.
The branch office organized a forum on Dire Dawa Youth League on traffic accident reduction and ongoing cooperation.
Currently, more than 1.3 million people are killed every year in traffic accidents in the world, and more than 10,000 people die in traffic accidents in our country.

According to Saada Awale, Director General of the Dire Dawa branch of the Transport Authority, the administration has been working every year to prevent loss of life and property due to traffic accidents.

She made the remarks at the opening of a forum organized by the Dire Dawa Youth League in collaboration with the branch office for youth organizations from each kebele focusing on traffic accident reduction and the role of youths.

According to Saada, the transport authority is the starting point of the forum to work with the youths in the city to educate the community and educate them on the dangers of traffic accidents. “As an institution, we are working to support this,” he said.

Gulma Taye, Deputy Commander of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate of the Branch Office, presented a paper on the number of deaths and injuries caused by traffic accidents at the administration and at the national level. .

At the end of the forum, Anwar, a representative of the Dire Dawa Youth League, who is also the coordinator of the forum, said the forum is constructive.

The forum ended with a discussion on the experiences of the institution as well as the roads and the traffic directorate and the questions raised by the concerned officials.

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