Latest controversial Ethiopian music clip

Ethiopian music is on its way to up and there are many musicians that are getting more fame as their work reach their audience.

Work is underway to address the disruption caused by the landslide on the Bako-Shambu road project.

The area is prone to landslides and landslides at a distance of 26 kilometers from Bako, following the recent heavy rains.

This was followed by a slight disruption to the flow of traffic.
To address this issue, the Ethiopian Roads Authority is carrying out urgent repairs at the site.

He is currently working on restoring traffic.
Urgent repairs are being carried out quickly, and the flow of traffic has now begun.

ERA has already been working to implement detailed studies to find a lasting solution, recognizing the topography and heavy rains in the area.

It will then implement the studies and similar solutions to implement the solutions outlined in the study to sustain the event.

Assosa-Dalati road construction project shifts to asphalt paving.

The road construction project includes construction of excavations and fillings, bridges, basins and road signs, as well as structural works.

Currently, the overall performance of the project has reached 52 percent.

The security situation in the area has affected the construction process, and efforts are underway to complete the project as soon as possible.

The 69-kilometer road is being constructed by Eni Construction at a cost of over 731 million birr.
Construction supervision and consulting work is being done by Hamda, a local consulting firm.

Due to the lack of access to road infrastructure in the area, the project will play an important role in maintaining the flow of traffic and the economic and social activities of the community.

When the road is fully operational; It will facilitate the flow of traffic from Assosa-Odabildu-Dalti.
In addition, it is a major source of sesame, vegetable, cereals and minerals, making it easier to transport these agricultural products and industrial inputs.

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