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Work is underway to improve emergency and critical care services in urban areas: Dr. Leah Tadesse.

Addis Ababa: August 15, 2014. Health Minister Dr. Leah Tadesse said work is underway to improve urban access to emergency and critical care services.

The first annual review of the implementation of the Emergency and Intensive Care Improvement Program is underway in Bahir Dar.

Speaking at the forum, the minister said cholera epidemics, malaria, traffic accidents and other diseases are putting pressure on the health sector.

He said efforts are underway to alleviate the problem by improving integrated and organized health services.

He said emergency and intensive care programs have been underway in Bahir Dar, Jimma, Hawassa and Harar since last year.

He noted that improvements have been made to the program, noting that shortcomings need to be addressed.

Dr. Leah said the forum will work to expand the program to eight cities in the current budget year.

Federal, regional, university and other stakeholders are participating in the forum, which is expected to assess the performance of cities and set direction, ENA reported.

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