Sayat Demissie speaks about the ups and downs in her life

Sayat is an inspiration to many girls. She is a woman known for her foresight and humble character. She is an entrepreneur and a famous actress as well as musician.

Private sector participation plays a key role in tourism because it involves the masses.

Addis Ababa: August 15, 2014 (FBC) Private sector participation will play a key role in achieving participatory development at all levels as tourism is an inclusive development sector.

Tourism Ethiopia has signed an agreement with Oz Hospitality and Business Group to support the tourism sector.

The agreement will enable the Ethiopian tourism sector to provide accurate information to the international community, increase investment in the sector, strengthen tourism services and host annual festivals in Ethiopia with international organizations.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, State Minister of Finance, Dr. Job Tekalign, said the government will work hard to extract and use Ethiopia’s hidden tourism resources and promote them to the world.

He said priority will be given to solve problems in tourism infrastructure.

The private sector is well-versed in the field of information technology

Addis Ababa: August 15, 2014 (FBC) The Ministry of Innovation and Technology said it has created a conducive environment for the private sector to engage in the field of information technology.

The ministry discussed with the staff the main focus of the 2013 fiscal year performance and the 2014 plan.

The Minister of Innovation and Technology, Dr. Abraham Belay, told ENA that the institute has done a lot of work in the 2013 Ethiopian budget year.

He also called on the relevant ministries to provide support and follow up to build Ethiopia’s digital economy.

He said the new fiscal year is conducive to the development of the digital economy.

As a nation, the modernization of network structures, as well as raising the awareness of the digital economy of institutions and the community, is one of the priorities.

For this purpose, a digital economic awareness platform has been prepared and made available to the community in ten languages.

It is expected to reach various media outlets and aim to reach up to 1 million citizens.

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