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Work is underway to plant more than 15 million coffee and fruit seedlings in Amhara State

Addis Ababa: July 20, 2014 (FBC) More than 15 million coffee, lowland and highland seedlings are being planted in Amhara State, the state’s agriculture bureau said.

According to Aweke Zelalem, a fruit and vegetable development expert with the bureau, the farmers are engaged in other economic options besides crop development.

He said more than 85,000 farmers will plant coffee and fruit seedlings on 14,427 hectares of land this year.

Of the seedlings planted, 7.6 million are coffee seedlings, while the rest are fruit seedlings.

He said more than 237,000 coffee, avocado, mango, papaya, banana and orange seedlings have been planted since last week.

Aweke said the plant will increase coffee production in the state.

According to the expert, agricultural experts are providing professional advice and monitoring to increase the income of the farmers.

According to the Bureau of Agriculture, more than 92 percent of the 10.7 million coffee and fruit seedlings planted in the state last summer have been approved.

The agenda of the Renaissance Dam is more than a dam for us Ethiopians and a source of electricity. It is a symbol of our resurgence beyond economic benefits. Self-determination, self-interest, a symbol of our sovereignty; It is the rope of our national unity. We have seen a lot in the renaissance, we have been tested a lot. They were terrified of being able to stand on their own two feet, and they were hurting us with many obstacles.

“A nail is stronger than a nail,” he said. In the case of the Nile, we stand where we are now, the more we push, the more we press, the more we persevere. I have no doubt that we will rejoice in our renaissance as much as we are happy with the recent election victory.

We have never wanted to harm other countries, but to protect our fair use of the Renaissance Dam. Once again, the fact that we want to reaffirm the lower riparian countries is that we do not want to have any negative impact on you, as the people of the Nile River do.

Our door is open for mutual benefit today and in the future. Our Ethiopian identity does not allow us to engage in activities that benefit us or you individually.

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